Kemble Design

Kemble Design provides a range of products and services for the Millennium payroll community. With over 7 years experience developing products for Millennium our expertise is sure to benefit your organization.


Kemble Design's range of Millennium Add-Ons offer popular enhancements that integrate tightly within the existing Millennium interface:

Batch Pay Entry
Customizable payroll data entry grid providing easy access to all checks within a batch
New Hire
A fully configurable new employee screen allowing any employee field to be shown or required
Home Page
Cross-company employee search allowing lookups by a variety of fields, including misspellings

All Add-On products feature a series of unique benefits, including full integration with Millennium and simple one-time installation.


Kemble Design provides a wide range of consulting services for Millennium service bureaus.

  • Millennium network design and implementation
  • Performance evaluation and enhancement
  • Custom application software and tool development
  • Integration design and development


Contact us directly concerning our products and services.